Club S.V. Triaz

Are you ready to join be a part of the most up-and-coming Tennis Club in Amsterdam? 

Club membership is affordable! 
100€ for  1 year Adult Membership
70€ for 1 year Youth Membership
No additional fees for Court Rental

Easily accessible!
Just walk on. Occasionally, the courts are unavailable during Korfball practices and matches, special events, and from 14:00-18:30 on Monday, Tuesdays, and Thursdays during the school year, and during summer camps. 

Schedule of Court Availability: 

See the daily schedule below for how many courts are available for member play.  Kid's Aktief after school program, soccer practice, special events, and tennis lessons have priority on the remaining courts.
Courts are available on a first come, first serve basis. No reservations required. 
7:00-14:00 4 courts 
14:00-18:00 0 courts -Kid's Aktief
18:30-20:00 2 courts
20:00-22:00 3 courts

7:00-14:00 5 courts 
14:00-18:00 0 courts -Kid's Aktief
18:00-22:00 5 courts* 
*In the Fall, only 1 court available from 19:00-22:00 1 court available. Rest of field reserved for Korfball practice.

7:00-15:00 4 courts 
15:00-17:30 2 courts
17:30-20:00  1 court
20:00-22:00 3 courts

7:00-14:00 5 courts 
14:00-18:00 0 courts -Kid's Aktief
18:00-19:00 4 courts
When Covid Regulations lift from 19:00-22:00 only 3 courts available year round, then in the Fall:   0 courts available. Reserved for Korfball and Soccer

7:00-15:00 3 courts 
15:00-18:00 3 courts
18:00-22:00   3 courts 

7:00-10:30 4 courts available
10:00-12:30 0 courts:  Korfbal on 4 courts, tennis lesson on 1
12:30-22:00 4 courts available*
* Saturday, June 26th 15:00-22:00 only 1 court available: Special 
Korfbal event. 

7:00-9:00 4 courts
9:00-15:00 2 courts
15:00-22:00 3 courts

The Membership Year is from April 1 to March 31. It can be pro-rated, so join any time. 

Special Events!
During the year we will have special meet the members events and Open Houses for potential members.

Tennis Lesson Programs!
To take group or private lessons at Club S.V. Triaz in Amsterdam you must be a member.  


Club S.V. Triaz Tennis Membership Rules

1 year Triaz Adult Membership April 1 to March 31

The membership is $100 and $10  extra for the key deposit. Key deposit is refundable if the key is returned at the end of the membership period.  


1 year Triaz Youth Membership April 1 to March 31

The membership is $70 and $10  extra for the key deposit. Key deposit is refundable if the key is returned at the end of the membership period.  


Club S.V. Triaz Rules

The number of available tennis courts is limited. See current schedule above.

The courts are unplayable when there is water on the fields when it is frozen and the weather is thawing.

The last user moves the net to the side of the field.

The courses may only be played by members of sports club Triaz. The access is strictly personal. You must close the entrance behind you to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the park.

Lighting is available on all artificial grass pitches. The lighting can be operated from the hall at the entrance of the clubhouse.

The last user extinguishes the light towers and also ensures that the lights in the clubhouse (changing rooms and toilets) are off and that the door is closed.

By entering the sports complex, players and visitors expressly waive any right to compensation against sports club Triaz for damage, in whatever way, to body or property.

The tennis participants are personally responsible for all damages caused to people and things, including tennis courts, nets, club building, etc.

For access to the park and the clubhouse, a so-called tag is provided for a deposit. The deposit will be refunded upon return. Loss or theft must be reported immediately. When replacing the tag a deposit will be paid again. The tag ’is personal and it is explicitly not permitted to lend the tag to third parties.

If you leave the site, close the entrance gate behind you.