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Tennispark Randwijck

Since 2023, Higgins Tennis Nederland has run all activities at Tennispark Randwijck.  We are excited to carry on the tradition of providing a high quality playing and lesson experience for all of Randwijck’s current and future members.  Sjoerd Robijn will continue to be the owner of the club, and Higgins Tennis Nederland will lease the facility and be in charge of all memberships, court rental, and lessons.

Tennislessen Jeugd Amstelveen

Membership Rules

Membership regulations and conditions Tennispark Randwijck

Article 1: Membership

a. These membership regulations apply to membership which tennispark Randwijck

(hereinafter referred to as:

tennis park) offers.

b. Membership is strictly personal.

c. A key is provided with every membership; this one is strictly personal. It is not

permitted to pass on the login code to third parties

to be made available.

d. the key will be provided to you after payment of the deposit via the email

address you provided.

e. Without the key, the member has no access to the courts of the tennis park. So

there must always be a court depended online.

f. Members are obliged to report changes in circumstances, as a result of which the

requirements are no longer met specific conditions of membership.


Article 2: Registration

a. Application for a membership is made by submitting the complete completion and signing

of the registration form online, which can be viewed on the site of the tennis park.

b. Application for membership of young people up to the age of 18 must be made by the

legal representative


c. The membership and payment obligation commence on the start date of the membership

as indicated on the

registration form.

d. The payment must be made in advance of the season by means of the invoice that will be

sent by e-mail.

e. If the participant registers by the procedure referred to in Article 2 has registered the

personal data

registered in our administration. This data is only shared with the tennis park.

Article 3: Membership fee

a. No registration fee is due when taking out a membership.

b. If, for whatever reason, payment has not been made before the final payment date, the

tennis park will invoice

email again. If the payment fails again, the tennis park will increase the amount due by

administration costs of € 15.00. The member has 14 days to pay the outstanding amount.

c. If the member is still in default after 60 days from the original debt arising, the

claim and all monthly installments due for the remaining term of the subscription are due and

payable at once

turned over to a collection agency. All associated costs, including internal and extrajudicial

costs, will be charged

at the expense of the member.

d. The tennis park is authorized to block and/or to block access for a certain period in the

event of non-payment and/or misconduct

deny access, so that the use of the facilities is no longer possible. The obligation on the part

of the member to comply

of this Agreement shall continue to apply.

e. If a discount has been granted, the member is obliged to report changes in circumstances

as a result of which the

entitlement to the discount expires.

f. There is no discount over discount and discounts are not granted retroactively.


h. Changes in the rates will be published in a satisfactory manner at least one month before


Article 4: Rules of conduct

a. Members and guests are expected to properly use all facilities that are offered.

b. Any damage to the property of the tennis park, caused intentionally or through apparent


shall be fully reimbursed by the members concerned. Incorrect, rude or aggressive behavior

can lead to it

termination of membership.

c. Members or guests are not allowed to use the sports facilities if they are under the

influence of alcohol,

drugs or other mind-altering substances.

d. There is a smoking ban within the entire clubhouse of the tennis park.

e. Violation of rules of conduct is considered a serious violation of the rules. The tennis park

reserves it

right to terminate the membership, regardless of the type of membership, by giving notice

without giving reasons

in one of the following cases:

– Without prior warning, if a member seriously and/or repeatedly violates the terms and

conditions of the tennis park

violates; this does not include a refund of paid membership fees.

– After a written warning in advance, if payments arising from the membership, 60 days after

the due date of

the payment term has not yet been met; this does not cancel the payment obligation.

– If the management is of the opinion that a member no longer meets the conditions of


Article 5: Liability

a. Members and guests use the facilities at their own risk and responsibility.

b. The tennis park excludes any responsibility and legal liability of her or one of her

employees for personal damage, accident or death of a member or guest during the stay in

and around the tennis park, regardless of whether the available facilities are used.

c. Camera surveillance is present at the tennis park to ensure your safety and that of others

with this form of surveillance. More specifically, the camera surveillance aims to contribute to

the promotion of the sense of security of employees and visitors, the prevention of

vandalism, and the protection against theft of properties and goods of the tennis park, visitors

and employees.

Article 6: Introduction


a. Members of the center can bring a guest. They must have paid the introductory rate in

advance at the clubhouse.

b. During the stay at the tennis park, the member is responsible for the behavior and safety

of his or her guest(s). A guest has the same rights and obligations as the member

accompanying him/her.

c. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that his or her guest conforms to the terms

and conditions of the tennis park.

Article 7: Other matters

a. For access to the courts, one must be a member and be able to prove it by name and

login code.

b. The members and guests ask the management for permission to use photographic and

other recordings of groups, individual members or guests for editorial or promotional


c. The management reserves the right to adjust the opening hours for cleaning, furnishing,

repairs, special occasions, holidays or other motives without this leading to a reduction in

membership. The management will try to inform the members in advance of this closure.

d. Members who use the facilities of the tennis park are expected to be aware of and agree

to the membership regulations and to adhere to the house rules of the tennis park.

e. The tennis park reserves the right to change rates, contributions, opening hours, facilities,

general terms and conditions and house rules. The intended changes will be sufficiently

announced at least 4 weeks in advance. No rights can ever be derived from promotions and

special conditions, before or afterwards.

f. These regulations do not contain any articles of association of an association and may

therefore not be regarded as such.

g. In the event of a possible dispute, Dutch law applies to this agreement at all times.

Article 8: Rules associated with memberships of Tennispark Randwijck

a. The tennis season runs from April 1 to October 31.

b. It is not possible to cancel a membership in the meantime.

c. Membership is tacitly renewed as of November 1 of the year. Cancellation free of charge is

therefore possible before 31 October.

d. For subsequent years, you will receive your contribution statement no later than mid-


e. The tennis park reserves the right to change rates. These rates are made known in

advance of the final cancellation date by e-mail.

Article 10: internal regulations.

a. the self-service system is in effect in the clubhouse.

b. the rates of the drinks must be settled per day.

c. you must leave the clubhouse neat and clean for the next guests.

d. it is not allowed to bring glasses, cups, cans and bottles to the tennis court.


e. you must be dressed in appropriate clothes at the discretion of the


f. It is not allowed to climb the fences.

g. Cycling on the tennis court is not allowed.

h. When there are puddles on the track, the dragnet must never be swept through the



 As of April 1, 2023, the following rules apply:

1. You may not enter the courts with anything other than tennis shoes (so no jogging or other types).

2. Please take into account the noise nuisance to the neighbors.

3. One must be dressed in proper tennis attire, at the discretion of the owner

4. Tennis-playing parents who bring children are responsible for whatever damage the children may cause and should not leave them to their own devices

5. It is not allowed to cycle on the track with bicycles of any kind, that includes small tricycles or steps for children

6. No stray dogs in the park

7. The renter and his fellow player(s) are responsible for damage to third parties

8. When it rains, tennis is not allowed. After rainfall, the lanes should NOT be swept dry with the large or small broom

9. ATTENTION!! it is ABSOLUTELY not allowed to dry the puddles with the trawl nets. This creates potholes in the track, so that the puddles remain even longer next time.

 10 The following is not allowed and will be closely monitored, 

       a. Climbing the fences

       b. Contaminate the courts

       c. Jumping or stepping over the nets

       d. Getting a ball from any of the surrounding gardens without asking the relevant resident first.

11. It is mandatory to drag the court after playing tennis.


 As of April 1, 2023, the following rules apply:

 1. The self-service system will be implemented for all days, except when there is service

 2. When taking a drink, paying per day is mandatory as well as paying in the piggy bank next to the toilet door.

 3. It must be ensured that the used cups, glasses or otherwise, are cleanly put back in their place before leaving the park

 4. Empty bottles must be placed in the appropriate crate(s) and not left on the table or bar

 5. It must also be ensured that the countertop and the bar are left clean for the following persons

 6. The tenants will be held liable for the default of their fellow players

 7. Children behind the bar and taking bottles from the fridge are not allowed. Parents must supervise this


     a. It is not allowed to bring your own bottles or cans

     b. Taking bottles from the park is also not allowed


 9. The tenants are obliged to inform their fellow players of these house rules if they see someone breaking them.

Schedule of Court availability
See the daily schedule below for which courts are available for member play and at which times.














































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