Adult Tennis

Adult Learn & Play Class


Beginner to Intermediate.

We divide players by level.

-45 minutes to 1 hour working on your strokes. 30-45 minutes doing game play and competitive play.  

-Develop your technique and rallying skills, singles & doubles strategy, and competitive drills.

--  Every new session builds on what you previously learned and is easy for new players to join into. 

Come try your first class at no charge!

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Create Your Own Class

Have a group of friends you want to play with?

- Let us build a customized group for you.

-We can set it up any day of the week.

Just email us.


Playing Groups Exclusively for Triaz Members.

 4 Levels to choose. From beginner to advanced. Meet new people to play with and have a fun hit or match.


Special Doubles Clinics

Class times To Be Determined or put together a group just for you and your friends!

Learn the basics of doubles positioning and strategy. .
Know your job as the Server, Server's Partner, Returner, and Returner's Partner!

Learn how to Serve & Volley, Poach, and improve your  lob and smash. 


Triaz image adults and kids.jpg

Parent's & Kids Classes

at the same time!

Come play as a family!

You take a class on one court, while your child is  taking one on the other.

Come play as a family!

You are on one court taking 

a class, while your child

is learning on the other

Sundays 10-11:30 

Youth Ages 7-12 on one court!

Adult Learn & Play class on the other court! 

Email us to try a free trial class!